GodBlessU2 – Sharing In Fellowship &  Blessings

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to the GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Network.  You will soon discover that this GodBlessU2 initiative is a precise “Do Something” path to engage you better to your Church, Community and God.GodBlessU2 Magnet 2015Our GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Network is a God inspired Inter-denominational online Social Network Group of Followers of Christ.

GodBlessU2 is all about People, Prayer & Prosperity

It is comprised of people of all faithwalks worshiping God by socially connecting online, engaging and getting to know each other in fellowship by leveraging our collective individual social interest in a mass effort to glorify God. It will also serve to enhance our own individual self awareness of faith and blessings from a biblical perspective.

The GodBlessU2 initiative is a simple method for normal people to take action steps in God’s name to have fun, make friends and spread goodwill. We all do this by posting simple Youtube videos using a NEW innovative process called Snippet Video Blogging that allows you to make easy residual income online just by networking casually with other Followers of Christ via an integrated Facebook Group Page that will serve as your viral marketing launching pad.

The Primary Intention of GodBlessU2 is to Honor God First

By doing Snippet Video Blogging, you will soon discover that it’s a viable method where people can expand their faith even more outside the confines of their own Church to participate spreading the word of God as Disciples of Christ.

This is accomplished by sharing their own individual likes and interest socially with videos on their own Snippet Video Blogging platform that will connect with others to forge new and everlasting Christian relationships. The good news is – it takes less than 90 seconds to blog this way!

Like a journal, your own blog is a great place for you to share your own inspired thoughts, ideas, plans, observations, personal interest and passions. It’s a great open medium platform for you to share your very own GOD Story too with conventional blogging or by Snippet Video Blogging.
Snippet Video Blogging

As an interactive blessing, YOU GET PAID by networking with other Christians from this method by simply sharing a special INVITATION LINK that has our uniting message of GodBlessU2 on it.

This affordable membership, averages less than $11 dollars a week and is for your individual insider access into the Pure Leverage Marketing System as a paying customer with a back office pass to their fantastic online Suite of Marketing Tools. By becoming a Pure Leverage Customer and Reseller, you will be able to easily create your very own  GodBlessU2 Invitation to SHARE with others socially using these online marketing tools.

This Pure Leverage Marketing System Tool Suite includes:

  • High Authority Blogging Platform
  • Video Email
  • LIVE Meeting Room
  • Auto-responder
  • Lead Capture System
  • Elite Coaching &  Training

With everyone collectively USING and SHARING this powerful Pure Leverage Marketing platform, we will all have immediate access, not to mention a powerful method to connect and network with each other as Christain Marketers. Just imagine what kind of impact you could make as one lone invividual INVITING others to join you.

If You Have Ever Prayed to DO SOMETHING MORE within Your Church – THIS IS IT!

Consider the potential impact of your blog’s outreach not only locally within the “foot print” of your immediate community and our nation, but globally too as the powerful Pure Leverage Marketing System is now offered in over 120 countries worldwide.

What that means is that YOU will be able to make a difference from your own individual efforts by SHARING and SPREADING God’s message across this planet by joining with other people as joyful Followers of Christ. This is your chance, your opportunity to finally DO SOMETHING yourself and to INVITE others do the same. By doing so, you are now a recognized Christ Follower Practitioner!

JeremiahBy you stepping out of your comfort zone and actually taking the bold step to DO SOMETHING is how you can personally expand God’s ministry as a disciple. It’s actually much easier than you would think.

You take that step of faith by actively participating using this innovative Snippet Video Blogging method going forward step by step, learning how with all the rest of us while INVITING others to do the same.

Did you realize that Jesus Christ was considered the Greatest Network Marketer the world has ever known? When you think about it, Jesus had an amazingly unique service that he wanted to offer to the public and he wanted the most effective way to market that service so he chose Word of Mouth Marketing, more commonly called Network Marketing.

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ok you have my attention and

 Step 1

STEP ONE – Join Our GodBlessU2 Group Page On Facebook

Why Do This First you ask?

Because – We need your support as we’re just getting started. As You, myself and others populate the NEW GodBlessU2 Group Page on Facebook, others will be soon follow as they witness the God synergy taking place and will become quite contagious as the networking fellowship kicks in.

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Step 2


STEP TWOJoin Pure Leverage as a Member and Reseller

Why Do This Second you ask?

Because – If you always wanted to DO MORE or even GIVE MORE to your church, charity or mission project but have always been reluctant or hesitant to do so, or never could commit yourself to take action because of personal financial limitations, don’t worry – God hears you!

The GodBlessU2 Initiative combined with the Pure Leverage Marketing System Tool Suite is your ticket to success!

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Step 3


STEP THREEShare Your GodBlessU2 Special Invitations

Why Do This Third you ask?

Because – It’s as SIMPLE as that! Just SHARE your GodBlessU2 SPECIAL INVITATIONS with anyone you feel that would want to join our effort in sharing God’s message. This is a viable way for anyone to get involved and to DO SOMETHING even if it’s only a subtle effort of saying or scripting the blessing mantra of GodBlessU2 to someone else. Always give God all the Glory first!

It’s a very uplifting and rewarding experience to pass out a GodBlessU2 Invitation. You intuitively will almost instantly understand that once the person you have invited takes a look at this GodBlessU2 website and then at some point visits the GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Network page for validation, you will realize that God’s Glory will be further extended from your own individual efforts.

This is a ministry blessing in itself.

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It’s a good idea to do your due diligence and visit our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page almost from the start. As you GIVE, Distribute or Share this Invitation, YOU ARE spreading God’s word!

You also need to understand it’s brand new. It’s a “high synergy” place that you can personally monitor activity daily and witness firsthand the momentum building for our GodBlessU2 initiative person by person. We all gather here to create a grand Social Network for GodBlessU2 of like minded people to provide support and encourage each other with constant interactively.

FB Group banner

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Other Blessings Awaits You by Snippet Video Blogging

bloggingWhy would you want to learn how to do this? Because there are others using this same Blogging Authority Platform (offered by Pure Leverage) and earning residual income each month doing so. The trend of making worthwhile residual income by RESELLING the Pure Leverage Marketing System comes routinely from ordinary people like you and me that are entrenched within Groups on Facebook and actively participating with social postings and interactions.

It's funny how God calls on Ordinary people

With using the Snippet Video Blogging technique, we’re suggesting that you too can create consistent residual income routinely, only faster with less effort. How? Again it will be successful from using our effortless Snippet Video Blogging technique in conjunction with our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Network environment that we are actively building with your help.

Just imagine what an impact of some additional residual income could do for you and your family. You would be able to confidently and comfortably:

  • Tithe more generously with (first fruits) offerings to your Church, honoring God first!
  • Give more and to charities
  • Give by contributing to mission trips abroad
  • Pay down or eliminate personal debt
  • Easily pay taxes
  • Diversify savings and investments
  • Purchase a new home
  • Create an education fund for your children
  • Fund a new business or expand an existing one
  • Purchase new cars
  • Take extended trips and vacations
  • Consider early retirement options

By building this Christian based GodBlessU2 GROUP that we INVITED you to be a part of, you now have before you a very real and viable Marketing Network Group (or Club) where you can actively become a consistent disciple of God! 

Pastors Love How Pure Leverage Will Help Bond Their Congregations

The impact and blessings that our GodBlessU2 Initiative, in combination with the Pure Leverage Marketing System will have on churches will be tremendous. The feedback from most churches already interviewed are extremely positive and support the notion that they can see these Pure Leverage Marketing Tools as a viable resource to better connect and unite their members from their respective congregations. 

Results from a recent informal survey that we posed to various church leaders, they list the top 7 reasons they think our GodBlessU2 Initiative will have resounding success.

  • Awareness of putting God first as members start their own Snippet Video Blogs – serving as disciples of Jesus
  • A monetary blessing that will result from networking and participation
  • Increased participation and interaction amongst congregation members
  • Enhanced participation and involvement with all outreach ministries 
  • Ability to use the LIVE Meeting Room tool for “Small Groups” activity
  • Ability to use the Video Email tool for personalized individual or group messages and invitations
  • Potential to use our GodBlessU2 Portal to grow their own congregations.

    Pure Leverage/GVO is a REAL COMPANY and is Operated by Real People!

Meet Pure Leverage/GVO Founder and CEO Joel Therien for an Office Tour

How Much Does Pure Leverage Cost?

To get set up using the Pure Leverage Marketing System with Reseller (or Affiliate) rights, your entire investment will cost you less than $45 dollars a month combined. To break it down, that’s less than $11 dollars a week. See more in depth Pure Leverage pricing details here.

Anyone can afford that especially when that combined monthly expense is absorbed quickly, typically within your first week of telling others about this GodBlessU2 Invitation by (word of mouth) in casual conversations, handing out print-outs or sending out pre-scripted emails to start.

Just consider what you spend $11 dollars (or more) a week now on that could better be used to invest implementing the GodBlessU2 Initiative for yourself and/or family.

  • lottery tickets
  • bad habits (smoking)
  • fast food
  • movies
  • shopping sprees

Face it. If you’re like most people you overspend somewhere during each week. Can you possibly trim some expenses totaling $11 dollars back during your typical week so you can apply it elsewhere?

That’s what I thought.

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you don't even have to blogSimply hand out

Yep that’s right! You don’t even have to BLOG or USE any of the Pure Leverage Tools to receive consistent residual income as a Pure Leverage Reseller, however… you would be totally CRAZY not to because of the viral nature of utilizing these tools to leverage and expand your disciple ministry and outreach fellowships.

Believe us when we say that there are virtually hundreds of other methods soon to be at your disposal to conveniently and confidently share your GodBlessU2 Invitation with. 

For Starters, Exactly Who Do You Invite?

  • Members from your Church
  • People from other Churches
  • Community Christian groups
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Online/Offline Christian Groups and Organizations

 remember to sign up

gro_04If by chance you just surfed in, arriving at this GodBlessU2 initiative page by divine intervention with nobody officially inviting you… consider yourself at this point technically INVITED!

We encourage you at this point to pick any person (at random) from our ever populating GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Network Page. Contact them directly there asking for their Pure Leverage Reseller ID or get it from an active link on their blog post that they put on that page.

Your only other “alternative option” in getting started with Pure Leverage is to join by selecting any link from this GodBlessU2 website that will serve as a default link under the ID# iLikesbyBrian. If you choose this option, understand that partial proceeds of earnings from using this default iLikesbyBrian LINK will always go towards the reinvestment of people and traffic for our collective GodBlessU2 initiative!

Speeps blognippet Video Blogging now allows anyone to experiece the joy of having and posting on your own blog with the primary objective of honoring God first.

Just imagine how participating within this GodBlessU2 Network will bless you, by providing you with additional income to give more and to live life.


Followers of Christ really enjoy engaging with this new method of social fellowship networking that Snippet Video Blogging offers because you get a chance to actually see what each others interest is from the various videos they post to their blogs.

This GodBlessU2 initiative was created out of the ongoing frustration that our nation is enduring distress by external forces with the word of God being omitted at every turn.

This God Omission is still quite noticeable these days – from within our great public and government institutions, all throughout greater academia, within notable sporting and entertainment venues, to even familiar places of everyday trade and commerce.

Enough is enough. Christ Followers need not just sit by and take this. We must not remain silent and idle but rather we must all reach out individually and give all Glory to God.


Don’t Be Silent

Qualifications To Share God’s Word by Snippet Video Blogging 

Don’t be either silent or shy about it. If you can Like, Comment, Share or Post something on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, Pin on Pinterest, send an email… then YOU are MORE than qualified to Snippet Video Blog using the Pure Leverage Marketing System and contribute to GodBlessU2!

It's now time



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