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 About Us – GodBlessU2

GodBlessU2 is all about People, Prayer and Prosperity.

p_084This GodBlessU2 website was created as a faith based initiative to honor and give glory to God. The divine intention of our GodBlessU2 initiative is to become a precise “Do Something” path to engage you better to Church, Community and God.

GodBlessU2 is also all about allowing YOU an opportunity to DO SOMETHING with a process called Snippet Video Blogging.

It’s not a secret anymore. People that are active within our GodBlessU2 Initiative are discovering God from a new personal perspective by Snippet Video Blogging. Guess what? They are doing this with averaging less than 30 minutes a week blogging with this technique.

GodBlessU2 – How It Started

We are commonly asked how did GodBlessU2 get it’s start? The start of the GodBlessU2 initiative was inspired and created to counter the God Omission dilemma that is still taking place not only within America, but all over the world as well. GodBlessU2 offers Christ Followers an opportunity to take action, by way of Snippet Video Blogging to find their voice, network in fellowship with others, give Glory to God and reap financial blessings.

The GodBlessU2 Concept in a Nutshell

The GodBlessU2 concept is actually quite simple to understand:

  • We are utilizing this GodBlessU2 website as an introduction portal to welcome all Followers of Christ who are invited by others via an email or a special hand-out invitation.
  • We introduce our visitors to Pure Leverage/GVO and their comprehensive Suite of Tools that we are aligned with to create a massive Christian Marketing Network.
  • We present our visitors with the notion that they can be active disciples of Jesus by learning how to Snippet Video Blog (within 90 Seconds or less) to find their voice, display their interest, give glory to God and network amongst thousands of other Christians in fellowship.
  • We also introduce visitors to the Pure Leverage/GVO compensation plan confirming as we collectively grow our GodBlessU2 Christian Marketing Network, our residual income earnings will grow exponentially.
  • From this GodBlessU2 website, we then redirect all of our visitors to visit and join our newest GodBlessU2 Group Page on Facebook that will serve as a social “GodSpot” (meeting place) for fellowship and support.

Once visitors spend some time reviewing this GodBlessU2 website in it’s entirety and then take a look at our new, but ever populating GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page, they are immediately convinced to join Pure Leverage/GVO as both a MEMBER and a RESELLER.

They typically want to get started right away. Their overwhelming excitement to print and hand out INVITATIONS is off the charts! 




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