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With every website, there will are always be some frequently asked questions that arise that need to be answered.

A good FAQ page is basically a shortcut to quickly locate relevant Q&A information fast!

Our GodBlessU2 website is no different. We will attempt both obvious questions and possibly other questions and concerns that may have come to mind at a later time that may have never been originally covered.

We’ll make every attempt possible to update this FAQ page routinely as needed. If you have a suggestion of something else to add or edit, please fill out the contact form on the “Contact Us” page to secure your message.

FAQ’s – Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the primary intention of creating this GodBlessU2 website?
A – To Glorify GOD First. Our GodBlessU2 website serves as a portal to offer visitors viable social platforms of how and where to network with other Christians in fellowship while creating their own outreach ministry.

Q – What is the secondary intention of creating this GodBlessU2 website?
A – To build an engaging Christian Fellowship Marketing Network of people dedicated in Glorifying God and actively “Doing Something” by becoming engaged participants as Followers of Christ.

Q – What is the motivation of creating the GodBlessU2 Initiative?
A – To counter the GOD OMISSION Agenda around the world by providing Christian’s a personal platform in which to find their own voice to consistently Glorify God.

*** See our About Us/How It Started pages for more information listed in the upper navigational bar.

Q – What are the benefits of a person joining in this GodBlessU2 Initiative?
A – The benefits are numerous and personally rewarding as you network with other “like minded” Christians.

  • Joining a vibrant and engaging Christian Fellowship Marketing Network with other Christians.
  • Utilizing a viable Blogging Platform and technique to Glorify God First!!!
  • Personally creating a personal Outreach Ministry sharing God’s word as an active disciple practitioner.
  • Building an additional residual income stream by sharing the marketing tools you use, that includes your blogging platform.

Q – Is the GodBlessU2 idea of Snippet Video Blogging just about GOD related content each posting?
A – It can be. However to the “idea” of Snippet Video Blogging is simply about showcasing YOUR INTEREST to others within your Christian Fellowship Network to build long lasting relationships with a fast, fun and engaging method. As a example Mike’s Interest is fishing, Kentucky basketball, Christian music videos, vegetable gardening, and vacationing in Florida. Susan’s Interest may be blogging about funny dog videos, pot luck dinner recipes, European travel and American history. Corey’s interest is scuba diving, deer hunting and video games.

You see Snippet Video Blogging is another way for other Christians in your network to discover your likes and interest giving them topics to engage with you and build relationships while connecting socially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, etc.

Every video storyline posted DOES NOT have to be all God related, however it makes since to Glorify God by providing a reference to him in every blog posting. You can easily do this in every ending salutation such as: GodBlessU2, Have a blessed day, In Jesus name, etc.

Q – Using the Blogging Platform, can you do regular, conventional content blogging on it too?
A – YES! You can do regular conventional blogging too however we have encountered person after person that shy away from that method because of the time it takes to research and write blog content in that format.

Our Snippet Video Blogging technique uses Youtube videos for content that you LIKE and find of interest. We instruct you step by step with video tutorials “How To” create and post to your Snippet Video Blog within 90 Seconds or less!

The secret in doing this technique is with a predesigned Snippet Video Blog template that you can access by going to the GodBlessU2 website upper navigational bar, and clicking on “Top 100 Blogs” and when the drop down menu appears, click on “Snippet Video Blog Template(s) to Use. Just go there and check out the tutorial videos that show you what to do. The entire process is Copy & Paste easy!

Q – What is the minimum age required to become an Active Member and/or Reseller Affiliate of Pure Leverage/GVO?
A – The minimum age to join Pure Leverage/GVO as a member/reseller is 18 years old.

Q – How much does it cost to make some residual income using the Pure Leverage System?
A – It cost $24.95 per mo. to use the Pure Leverage/GVO TOOL SUITE as a customer PLUS it will cost $19.97 per mo. as a Pure Leverage/GVO RESELLER. Combined it’s $44.14 per mo. If you average that out, it’s $10.19 per week!

Q – Where is the Pure Leverage/GVO company located at?
A – Originally from Toronto Canada, Pure Leverage/GVO – Founder, President and CEO, Joel Therein relocated his operations to Shertz, Texas, just outside of San Antonio because of it’s tremendous local fiber optics capabilities.

Q – What does the GVO stand for in Pure Leverage/GVO?
A – The GVO part stands for Global Virtual Opportunities

Q – How far do the Pure Leverage/GVO services extend globally?
A – GVO/Pure Leverage Service Operations is global these days with market penetration well into over 120 countries now worldwide. Learn more specific details about GVO/Pure Leverage by going to the About Us tab on the top navigation bar, then clicking on GVO/Pure Leverage from the drop down menu. You will meet the people of GVO/Pure Leverage. 














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