How Much It Cost

How Much Does Pure Leverage Cost?

To get set up using the Pure Leverage Marketing System with Reseller (or Affiliate) rights, your entire investment will cost you only $44.92 per month.

To break it down, that’s less than $11 dollars a week. Anyone can afford that especially when that combined monthly expense is absorbed quickly, typically within your first week of telling others about this GodBlessU2 Invitation by (word of mouth) in casual conversations, print-outs or emails to start.


You don’t even have to BLOG or USE any of the
Pure Leverage TOOLS to receive
residual income from Pure Leverage.
Simply SHARE your GodBlessU2 RESELLER ID to others

Believe us when we say that there are virtually hundreds of other ways soon to be at your disposal to share the GodBlessU2 Invitation that you will learn about too. 

For Starters, Exactly Who Do You Invite?

  • Members from your Church
  • People from other Churches
  • Community Christian groups
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Online Christian Groups and Organizations

Get Started Today – SIGN-UP with the Reseller ID LINK of the Person that INVITED You

Again that initial monthly expense of $44.92 will be offset quickly by you  referring just (4) people, as PAID Pure Leverage – Customers/Resellers into our GodBlessU2 Network. After that you are technically in profit and your soon to be realized financial prosperity will be growing exponentially by just handing out invitations.


You must however just still join Pure Leverage both as a Customer (for the Tools) and as an active Pure Leverage Reseller (to earn referal income) that will financially bless you beyond belief! At the absolute minimum, you just simply need to hand out (or email out) GodBlessU2 INVITATIONS with your own special Pure Leverage RESELLER ID attached to start counting your financial blessings that are just beginning!

***Remember to SIGN UP with the RESeller ID # or Name that INVITED  You! ***

If by chance you just surfed in, arriving at this page by divine intervention with nobody purposely inviting you… well consider yourself technically INVITED. From here we encourage you to pick a person at random from our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Network Page. Contact them there asking for their Pure Leverage Reseller ID or get it from an active link on their blog.

You final alternative option(s) in getting started with Pure Leverage is to join by selecting someone at random that you resonate with on our ever populating GodBlessU2 Facebook Grroup Page, or just by clicking on one of the links on this website that will serve as the default link under the ID# iLikesbyBrian.

Let it be known and understood that partial proceeds of earnings from using this default iLikesbyBrian LINK will always go towards the reinvestment of people and traffic for our collective GodBlessU2 initiative!


Snippet Video Blogging now allows anyone to experiece the joy of having and posting on your own blog with the primary objective of honoring God first.

Just imagine how prospering within this GodBlessU2 Network will bless you, to provide you the financial resources to give more to your Church, favorite charity or just to experience more income to pay down debt, go on rewarding vacations, get a new car, invest in  education or retire!


~ GodBlessU2



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