How It Started

How It Started – GodBlessU2 was Created to Counter the God Omission

This GodBlessU2 Initiative was inspired by a small “Jesus Is Lord” magnet and virtually overnight was created to counter the God Omission dilemma that is still taking place not only within America, but all over the world too.

Make no mistake that there are extreme external forces orchestrating the word of God purposely being omitted at every turn. Our GodBlessU2 Initiative is YOUR resolve where YOU can DO SOMETHING yourself at your own pace.Jesus Is Lord magnetWOC This God Omission is still quite noticeable these days – from within our great public and government institutions, all throughout greater academia, within notable sporting and entertainment venues, to even familiar places of everyday trade and commerce.

The God Omission paradox is particularly obvious within the mainstream media each and everyday.

God's NOT Dead

That said, we decided that enough is enough. Christ Followers need not just sit by and take this. We must not be quiet and remain idle.

It’s time to individually rise up in voice and action and take a stance. The resurrection of Jesus is simply not a matter of private faith — it’s a divine proclamation from God for the entire world that “Jesus Is Lord” indeed!

Don’t Be Silent

A Humble Prayer for Direction 

I prayed one morning for God to lead me in a direction that could better glorify his name. I was truly unnerved with the God Omission mindset going on all around me. I thought to myself, something needs to done about this but who am I but one person. What can I do? How can I personally influence to counter this anti-God mindset to change?

Lord how can one person make a difference? After all, I’m a simple family man and a small business owner here in the real world just trying to make a living.

Like most people I stay quite busy day to day with life’s little obstacles, distractions and challenges that tend to fill up my daily schedule. The rewards at times seem to be few and far between. You count your blessings then move on to plan your work and work your plan. Right?

As a devoted Follower of Christ, you also go to church every weekend to get your worship on, hear the message of the sermon, get realigned with Jesus and Thank God in prayer for all your blessings.

And then you pray some more…

It's funny how God calls on Ordinary people

In my idle or spare time, I’ve been trying my hand at learning how to blog. Creative writing for me has always been a therapeutic get-a-way from everyday stress. It seems blogging provides me a way to relax and reflect on life. Is it just me or is God always leading or pushing me in this direction?

Over a year ago I started using a new blogging platform called Pure Leverage that was a blessing in itself by providing amazing online training sessions, shortcuts and cool tools to blog with. 

Pure Leverage also offered a very generous affiliate or RESELLER program to make some extra “residual income” with too if you were able and willing to promote it somehow.

Again I loved the notion of blogging my interest, however I always ran out of time to do it. Ideally I would have liked to post at least 3-5 entries a week. At one point I was lucky if I found enough time to get even one entry posted. Why?

Because it takes focused effort and enduring periods of time to research the content you are about to blog about. You then also have to abide by the strict blogging rules of proper etiquette by having to put this here, while that has to be put there. So many rules to do it the right way.

I eventually came to the realistic conclusion that I did not want to invest in the time required to do conventional blogging by the rules. I also gave up on the idea of doing “regular” blogging because I knew that I would have to decide on a specific niche to write about – just in the interest of becoming an “Authority” on the subject matter.

Are you kidding me, a specific niche?

My interest and passions in life are all over the proverbial map! That’s why I really enjoy surfing on Youtube so much I guess. I admit that I frequently check out Youtube Videos to learn how to cook a particular recipe, or fix the dishwasher, or watch a movie trailer, or check out a music video, or… well you get the idea.

Creating GodBlessU2 was the Result of an Answered Prayer.

I was praying almost daily for a way, or a unique method to combine my interest, hobbies and passions into an easy blogging format that would be easy to implement for anyone.

Remembering back, I was also praying for a solution of how I can better serve the Lord by becoming a beacon of light, or inspiration for others to follow to make a difference blogging about the God Omission situation that literally left me hopeless.

Then one day that prayer request was delivered. The answer came shortly after I stumbled onto this video. It’s called, “Learning to be the Light” and does it ever speak to me!

It was while posting this video on my blog that I suddenly realized a recently discovered “shortcut method” that I used to blog with… would turn out to become “The Solution” that God had intended for other Christ Followers to Network with. I have named this technique, “Snippet Video Blogging.”

Learn How To do Snippet Video Blogging within 90 Seconds or Less!

The process of Snippet Video Blogging is fast, fun and engaging. The best thing is that you can use any Youtube video of interest to post on your blog quickly. You then curate a brief “snippet” sentence (or paragraph) above the video and another snippet below it. Then under the bottom paragraph you will still have some space to list ending credits, a photo if you wish and ending post salutations. You can also insert a few affiliate links in this area too.

There you have it. A short and sweet blog post with a robust, interesting Youtube Video serving as the blog’s primary content centerpiece. You then put a short text snippet above and below the video and add some ending salutations, it’s now time to officially publish it.

Snippet Video Blogging is indeed something that can be done in within a few minutes, rewarding you with tremendous self satisfaction of using interesting Youtube videos that YOU LIKE!

How To Make Money with your Pure Leverage Blog

In my case, the way to make money blogging was to just keep posting entries to my Snippet Video Blog daily if possible and eventually huge amounts of free organic traffic will visit my blog. By playing the percentages, I knew that I would automatically get a few dozen subscribers each month that would convert into paying customers and resellers.

Good in theory but improbable in execution because of a few glaring factors.

At that point traffic wasn’t really happening nor was subscribers or sales conversions either. A few things in this recipe were still missing. I must be forgetting something.

It was then that the prayer revelation hit me. You can blog all you want and try to make money all by yourself, but to become prosperous online, you have to include God with everything you do online and off,  by prayer or action for abundance to take root. Otherwise you will just be living with life unfulfilled.

I decided right then to include God in everything I think, say, or do. I’m now living a life of purpose. Once I made that decision, things began to change. My pathway opened up and my vision became much clearer and focused.

GROUPING – The Perfect Recipe to Monetize Your Pure Leverage Blog

Okay I got the Snippet Video Blog going. I have the template I use to speed the blog posting process time down to an absolute minimum. My Snippet Video Blogging template is tweaked to my preferences for maximum efficiency. That’s one of the best things about using this “customizable” Snippet Video Blogging template is the fact that once you have all your Youtube Videos selected that you want to use, it takes less than 90 seconds to post an entry. Amazing!

When you break it down to the ridiculous, it’s obvious the way to make money blogging with the Pure Leverage format platform is to just simply SHARE your RESELLER (affiliate) LINK with others within a GROUP SETTING.

Why a Group Setting?

A Group Setting is also identified in Marketing Circles as a extremely targeted “Hungry Market.”  This means most people that are members within these Groups are like minded with the same interest, intentions and ambitions. It is within these groups that interest levels are set very high to interact and support each other. Think about it for a minute.

Identifying Christ Followers as a Hungry Market?

Is the core demographics of Christ Followers around the world, in marketing terms considered to be a Starving Crowd or a Hungry Market  that by all accounts can be marketed to?

You bet it is. A Hungry Market  is commonly identified as:

  • A niche segment of society that identifies collectively with common interest, beliefs and values.
  • A niche segment that has a strong passion of belonging, representation and identification.
  • A niche segment that is marketable to in terms of commerce and trade.
  • A niche segment that is receptive to information, goods and services. (purchasers)

Is our GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Group a perceived Hungry Market as well?

Yep. All Followers of Christ are hungry for God’s word. You can never get enough of it because it is the essence of love, truth and wisdom. In fellowship as disciples of Jesus, the word of God is spoken with exponential results. This is why it’s imperative to encourage and inspire others to partake in this GodBlessU2 initiative as Christians unite and network together as one, for the glory of God!

Everyone associated with our GodBlessU2 Initiative should feel blessed to have those spiritual traits and qualities. You will witness others joining in droves. This is exactly why and how our sales conversion rates within Pure Leverage of getting NEW Subscribers, Customers and Resellers within our GodBlessU2 Group will be outstanding!



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