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Top 100 Snippet Video BlogsAs you start your Pure Leverage/GVO membership as a New CUSTOMER and RESELLER, we want you to get started using our fast, super simple – copy and paste easy Snippet Video Blogging technique right away.

You will need to need to grab a coded copy of the template and watch a brief instructional video of HOW TO copy, edit and customize your template first to your particular likes and preferences.

Don’t worry, it’s over the shoulder easy to do!

Pure Leverage allows you to almost start Snippet Video Blogging yourself, almost right from the start once you select your blog header from the back office. Just select a pre-designed one there or custom make your own and install it.

You also have the option of having someone create one exactly like you want by outsourcing it out at a place like for only five bucks. If you don’t know about FIVERR,  you will soon come to love all they can do for you as a newbie blog person.

Once You Post On Your Snippet Video Blog –  Email Us 

Actually, once you post your first (3) entries on your Snippet Video Bog, then email us immediately your domain url and a brief description about your Snippet Video Blog’s theme, mantra or tagline.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a reward for you taking action so fast, we will list and feature your Snippet Video Blog on this very page within our TOP 100 Snippet Video Blogs for all visitors to view and interact with. Don’t worry, all late arrivals will be listed in simple links too!

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Snippet Video Blog 001- iLikesbyBrian Blog


iLikesbyBrian Blog  –  Life-Humor-Family-Faith-Food

Offering trending & social curative fusion videos of common interest, faith, humor, sports, marketing, gifts, travel, inspiration, prosperity, music, food and good news reviews for all!