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THE FIRST STEP – Join Our GodBlessU2 Group Page On Facebook

Why Do This First you ask?

We need your support as we’re just getting started. As You, myself and others populate the NEW GodBlessU2 Group Page on Facebook, others will be soon follow as they witness the God synergy taking place and will become quite contagious as the networking fellowship kicks in.

Our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page IS DIFFERENT than our GodBless U2 “Regular” Facebook Page as seen on the panel to your immediate right >>>>>

Please go ahead and “Like” BOTH Pages to enhance the overall awareness and following of our GodBlessU2 initiative, however you need to post your own blog entries within our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page for group support and viral advantages. Be sure to welcome all new members there at every chance you get for divine fellowship outreach.

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Join Our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group By Clicking Here!

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When you start Snippet Video Blogging, this GodBlessU2 Facebook Group page will be the FIRST place that you will want to SHARE your Blog Post Link at. The reason is simple. It’s because everyone there are instructed to, and more than willing to interact with your posting allowing for massive Social Buzz activity and valuable Link Juice for your blog and all others too!

GodBlessU2 Facebook GROUP

Google loves that social interaction activity and will reward you by sending alot of FREE organic traffic your way from that very effort alone. Our NEW GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page is a place that you can monitor daily and witness firsthand the momentum building for our GodBlessU2 initiative person by person.

We all gather here to create a Social Network for GodBlessU2 of like minded people geared to support and encourage each other interactively. We also do this STEP ONE to have a centralized location to post our various blog entries so other members can at their leisure:

  • View your postings (creating the start of massive traffic)
  • Get to know your personal interest from your post (fellowship)
  • Add comments to your blog and Facebook post (fellowship)
  • Share your postings with others (viral effect)
  • Follow your blog (creating valuable link juice)
  • Get Ideas of different content to post on their own Snippet Video Blog.

All this activity in itself definitely will create massive Social Buzz and powerful Link Juice amongst each other. This is one of the truly viral secrets that gives our faith marketing outreach great social buzz leverage. Just the link juice alone gathered here will create exponential viral messaging success for anyone that participates!

GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Network Group Page


How do we really know that a Facebook Group Page for the GodBlessU2
Christian Fellowship Marketing Network initiative will work and draw people in?

facebook instant income system by pure leverage

It turns out that Pure Leverage/GVO itself started using this same “Grouping” Marketing Strategy on Facebook in 2014 reaching out to online Network Marketers and their prospects. Pure Leverage named their campaign the “Facebook Instant Income System” and they funneled numerous prospects to a specific Pure Leverage Group Page.


This specific Pure Leverage Group Page funneling their Facebook Instant Income System prospects was strategically named, “Pure Leverage HQ.” As Pure Leverage/GVO expanded services into multiple countries worldwide including Russia, the Ukraine, Germany and many others, they wanted this Group Page to have global appeal to visitors.

 Pure Leverage HQ on facebook

To make a long story short, this Pure Leverage HQ page on Facebook has acquired 59,479 new members in just a few months. The sad part for them is… at this point they don’t know HOW TO Snippet Video Blog within 90 Seconds or less, nor do they realize that by just simply SHARING an INVITATION with your RESELLER ID# to other like minded people will produce for you incredible residual income!

Now you logically tell me… Don’t you think that our GodBlessU2 initiative efforts would be able to:

That’s what I thought too. Let’s say we start getting our GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Page populated!

Have you joined it yet?

If not do so now just to show support in our GodBlessU2 initiative and then you can always get registered with Pure Leverage as a Member and Reseller anytime there after at your own pace!


~ GodBlessU2




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