Step 3




Why Do This First you ask?

This Special Invitation Page is where your personal GodBlessU2 ministry begins. You can go about it at your own pace however the more people that get to see your GodBlessU2 INVITATION, the more blessed your ministry becomes and your personal residual income earnings takes root.

Again, you don’t even have to BLOG or USE any of the Pure Leverage TOOLS to receive residual income from Pure Leverage. Simply SHARE your GodBlessU2 RESELLER ID to others and allow God’s will to take place.

GodBlessU2_INVITATIONYour GodBlessU2 Invitation will look like this image to the left. All you have to do is to go to the menu tab above that says Print This Invitation to access a larger image to print out. Click the PRINT button under the image or right click on your mouse over the image and click again on “Print Picture.”

Once printed, make several copies and hand write your full name and your Pure Leverage RESELLER ID# or name on them. These non-invasive outreach invitations are typically received well by everyone you give them to as they are often curious to see the website to discover what our mantra of People, Prayer and Prosperity is all about.

Again, be sure to write your Pure Leverage ID on them prior to passing them out.

How To Get Other Christ Followers to Join You in the GodBlessU2 Network

This is the easy part. Offer this GodBlessU2 Invitation to: people in your Church, family, friends and also your neighbors too. This is now your ministry effort unfolding before your very own eyes.

For Starters, Exactly Who Do You Invite?

  • Members from your Church
  • People from other Churches
  • Community Christian groups
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Online/Offline Christian Groups and Organizations

This is now your ministry effort unfolding before your very own eyes. Hand out as many personalized INVITATIONS as possible with your RESELLER ID# link included should they choose at some point to participate themselves.

If you talk to them directly, also be sure to INVITE them take a quick look at our new ever populating GodBlessU2 Facebook Group page as this alone may very well convince them that not only can they find Christian Fellowship there but they can also witness and experience a God synergy taking place too!

Be certain you have your Pure Leverage RESELLER LINK before openly inviting people.

You need this in order to start receiving residual income from Pure Leverage/GVO by casually referring others to join our GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Network.

This is how you can easily INVITE others…

  • Send them a personalized email invitation
  • Personally hand out a printed invitation (that you can make multiple copies of)
  • Personally hand them a GodBlessU2 magnet or sticker
  • Post a message/graphic invite on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest or linkedin

Remember, God wants you to experience abundance. Like Jabbez in the Bible, if you pray for God to bless you indeed and enlarge your territory… you will most certainly open up a floodgate of opportunity and blessings!

As you honor God first within your blog post, even if it’s just only a mere mention of his name in an ending salutation, you are knowingly glorifying his name. Do this repeatedly and INVITE OTHERS to do the same and you will indeed be blessed!