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THE SECOND STEP – Join Pure Leverage as a MEMBER and a RESELLER

Why Do This Second you ask?

Because – If you always wanted to DO MORE or even GIVE MORE to your church, charity or mission project but have always been reluctant or hesitant to do so, or never could commit yourself to take action because of personal financial limitations, don’t worry – God hears you!

The GodBlessU2 Initiative combined with the Pure Leverage Marketing System Tool Suite is your ticket to success! See the video below for a quick overview of the Pure Leverage System.

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The online Suite of Marketing Tools, provided within the Pure Leverage Marketing System is what all GodBlessU2 followers will be using to create a social blogging platform to honor the glory of God while building a new viable source of residual income as we all connect and network together.

How Much Does Pure Leverage Cost?

To get set up using the Pure Leverage Marketing System with Reseller (or Affiliate) rights, your entire out of the box investment will cost you only ($24.95 + $19.97) or total $44.92 dollars a month combined. To break it down to the ridiculous, that’s less than $11 dollars a week!!!

Most people will budget this $44.92 charge as a monthly “Marketing Expense” but soon discover that this marketing expense is typically absorbed by their profits easily within their first month of sharing their RESELLER ID# link with others by word of mouth, handing out invitations or sending out emails.

Did we mention that the Pure Leverage Compensation Package was Exceptional?

Anyone can truly afford that expense especially knowing that it can be potentially absorbed within early profits so quickly. It’s here that we should mention that any new sale you get, the first month you make a 100% commission from it and the second month thereafter you make a 50% commission from that customer/member. That’s not to mention the matching bonuses either.  

See the overview of How the Pure Leverage compensation works… CLICK HERE for detailed info.

Five Tools


It’s really amazing when you receive the blessing of more income and time. It’s then you discover that you DO have the extra time and the financial reserves available to do God’s work. Joining the GodBlessU2 Christian Fellowship Marketing Network is your chance to rid your life of all those obstacles and perceived limitations once and for all.

Just remember – God’s got it!

Snippet Video Blogging is not like conventional blogging which is very time consuming and where there can be a big learning curve to it. Not only that, with conventional blogging you always have to painstakingly figure out what to write about (with hours of research) and how to write plus format your content correctly. This is not to mention covering all the technical “html coding” side of it either.

This new process

Other Blessings Awaits You by Snippet Video Blogging

bloggingWhy would you want to learn how to do this? Because there are others using this same Blogging Authority Platform (offered by Pure Leverage) and earning residual income each month doing so.

The trend of making good substantial income by RESELLING the Pure Leverage Marketing System comes routinely from ordinary people like you and me.

Again, they are just “Ordinary People” that are entrenched within Groups on Facebook and actively participating with social postings and interactions almost daily.

It's funny how God calls on Ordinary people With using the Snippet Video Blogging technique, we’re suggesting that you can potentially have the same financial success, only faster with less effort all from within our GodBlessU2 Group environment setting that we are actively fostering with your help. Just imagine what an impact just a few extra thousand dollars a month could do for you. You would be able to confidently and comfortably:

  • Tithe more generously with (first fruits) offerings to your Church, honoring God first!
  • Give more to charities
  • Contribute to mission trips
  • Give more to fundraisers
  • Pay down or eliminate personal debt
  • Easily pay taxes
  • Diversify savings and investments
  • Purchase a new home
  • Create an education fund for your children
  • Fund a new business or expand an existing one
  • Purchase new cars
  • Take extended trips and vacations
  • Consider early retirement options

By building this Christian based GodBlessU2 GROUP that we INVITED you to be a part of, you now have before you a very real and viable Marketing Network Group (or Club) where you can actively become a consistent disciple of God! 

you don't even have to blogSimply hand out

Yep that’s right! You don’t even have to BLOG or USE any of the Pure Leverage Tools to consistent residual income as a Pure Leverage Reseller, however… you would be totally CRAZY not to because of the viral nature of utilizing these tools to leverage and expand your disciple ministry and outreach fellowships so you can personally make a difference.

You still must however join Pure Leverage both as a Customer (for the Tools) and as an active Pure Leverage Reseller (to earn residual income) that will financially bless you beyond belief!

Believe us when we say that there are virtually hundreds of other methods, techniques and places soon to be at your disposal to conveniently and confidently market and share your GodBlessU2 Invitation including business cards, car magnets, flyers and also on “popular” social media sites. 

At the absolute minimum, you just simply need to hand out (or email out) GodBlessU2 INVITATIONS with your own special Pure Leverage RESELLER ID attached to start counting your financial blessings!

For Starters, Exactly Who Do You Invite?

  • Members from your Church
  • People from other Churches
  • Community Christian groups
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Online/Offline Christian Groups and Organizations

join pure leverage today

 remember to sign up

gro_04If by chance you just surfed in, arriving at this GodBlessU2 initiative page by divine intervention with nobody officially inviting you… consider yourself at this point technically INVITED!

We encourage you at this point to pick any person (at random) from our ever populating GodBlessU2 Facebook Group Network Page. Contact them directly there asking for their Pure Leverage Reseller ID or get it from an active link on their blog post that they put on that page.

Your only other “alternative option” in getting started with Pure Leverage is to join by selecting the default link from this GodBlessU2 website which is linked to RESELLER ID#  iLikesbyBrian who was the person that created the Snippet Video Blogging technique and also founded GodBlessU2.

If you choose this option, understand that partial proceeds of earnings from using this default iLikesbyBrian LINK will go towards the reinvestment of people and traffic for our collective GodBlessU2 initiative by paying it forward and answering prayers!  

Speeps blognippet Video Blogging now allows anyone to experiece the joy of having and posting on your own blog with the primary objective of honoring God first.

Just imagine how prospering within this GodBlessU2 Network will bless you, to provide you the financial resources and flexibility to give more with ease and to live life at it’s fullest in the Glory of God!

OurGodBlessU2 Initiative is a worthwhile investment your time, your prayers and your fellowship and your commitment to take action to DO SOMETHING to make a difference in this ever changing world that we live in. After all, God knows precisely… just how EXTRAordinary that YOU can be!


Followers of Christ really enjoy engaging with this new method of social fellowship networking that Snippet Video Blogging offers because you get a chance to actually see what each others interest is from the various videos they post to their blogs. Join us today and let’s fellowship!

~ GodBlessU2



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