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It’s amazing how one small “Jesus Is Lord” magnet can carry with it a defining God message virally to all ends of our planet within a short period of time.

Jesus Is Lord Magnet

It’s origin began at World Outreach Church located in Murfreesboro, TN (just south of Nashville) This Jesus Is Lord magnet was given out freely to all within the interdenominational congregation and all visitors to place on the back of their vehicles affirming that Jesus Is Lord indeed!  

JILmag001Not only did the World Outreach Church congregation initiate in this action in faith, but thousands of other Christ Followers of other regional churches followed suit.

Today the “Jesus Is Lord” magnet (and sticker) has not only overtaken the entire Southeastern US region, being seen and photographed on the back of thousands of vehicles all over the south, they are now reported being seen all over the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and into Canada as well.

Internationally we have reports of these “Jesus Is Lord” magnets showing up all around the world in foreign countries like Israel, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Egypt, Africa, Japan, Okinawa, China, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Haiti and Guatemala just to name a few.

When you see this “Jesus Is Lord” emblem show up on the roof of a barn, you know God’s work is definitely being done both far and wide.

JIL Barn

To get your own “Jesus Is Lord” magnet in a 5 pc. multi-set pak to use and pass out to your friends and family, purchase them now at the World Outreach Church Store directly and start sharing the word of Jesus with your own outreach ministry.

In fact the “Jesus Is Lord” magnet campaign inspired us so greatly at GodBlessU2, it was the driving spiritual force for us to start this website to reach out virally to our visitors!

GodBlessU2 Magnet 2015

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