testimonialsTake a look at the various testimonials that we will be constantly updating on this page in regards to both the Pure Leverage System and our GodBlessU2 Initiative.

The feedback has been tremendous so far with lots of genuine, straight from the heart commentary on both emails and videos that we have received.

If you would like to leave a testimonial yourself about Pure Leverage or the GodBlessU2 Initiative, please use our GodBlessU2 “Contact Us” Form for immediate attention. 


Here is a fantastic video testimonial from a Pure Leverage leader and trainer Mark Call speaking from the heart.


Here’s another great testimonial from a Brother In Christ, Terry Anglin. As the head trainer of all the Pure Leverage videos, Terry takes his time so you can look over his shoulder to see how easy it is to learn about all the online tools offered in the Pure Leverage Tool Suite.


Joel Peterson, already a successful Pure Leverage reseller and leader wants to share his video testimonial with you talking about what freedom means to him.

 A response to Joel’s video replies –
“Freedom to me Joel is being able to relax and take it easy when I open the mail box and not worrying about what the bill will be. Also it is really spending quality time with my kids and watching them have fun as you are Joel and not having to worry about money again. That is TRUE freedom. God bless you!”



” I really love the idea of this GodBlessU2 Networking portal getting ordinary people excited to honor God with an action plan that they have total control over.”
– John Whittle, Murfreesboro,TN USA –
” Snippet Video Blogging is the easiest sort of blogging I have ever done. The template format is pure genius. Praise God! My small group at church will love this!”
– Barbara Wentz, Columbus, OH USA –
” Now I have a chance to finally use my Pure Leverage Tools to do something meaningful. Honoring God in everything that I say and do. GodBlessU2!”
– Angelica Mendez,
Round Rock, TX USA –
” I’ve been telling people at my church about this GodBlessU2 initiatve and we all plan to get started Snippet Video Blogging as a group. Our goal is to help fund a trip for our youth group. We plan to post videos of our efforts doing this on our blogs as a true visual testimony. GodBlessU2 – Amen!”
– Ernie Wilkinson, Atlanta, Atlanta, GA USA –


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