What Would Jesus Do

What Would Jesus Do – WWJD

What Would Jesus Do – (often abbreviated as WWJD) became popular all across the United States in the 1990s and as a personal motto for adherents of Evangelical Christianity who used the WWJD catch phrase as a reminder of their Christian belief.

With it came a moral obligation to act and conduct themselves in a manner that would demonstrate their love for Jesus. Thinking and acting in a capacity like Jesus truly matters.

Jesus Christ – the Greatest Network Marketer the world has ever known

Did you realize that Jesus Christ was considered the Greatest Network Marketer the world has ever known? When you think about it, Jesus had an amazingly unique service that he wanted to offer to the public and he wanted the most effective way to market that service so he chose Word of Mouth Marketing, more commonly called Network Marketing.

The greatest network marketer in the history of the world was Jesus Christ. Beginning with a team of three close friends and a dozen followers, Jesus created an organization that today is over 2 billion members strong. Jesus did his networking for a single purpose and that was to simply introduce people to the kingdom of God.

There is no product, service, or personal friendship can meet the needs of people more completely than leading them into God’s glory. Jesus used network marketing to deliver to humanity the greatest message that anyone has ever offered. The message was personal salvation.

As you mirror the Jesus style of network marketing, you will achieve greater success in your personal life and in your professional career as well. You will also notice yourself  building more and better friendships through fellowship. Learning to network like Jesus will certainly help you make the most of your life for God and for others.